IT Design Process

Software Support


The Microsoft Office database management program
The Microsoft Office accounting solution
The Microsoft Office unified communications client
The Microsoft Office information analysis program
The Microsoft Office team workspace program
The Microsoft Office information gathering program
The Microsoft Office note-taking and management program
The Microsoft Office personal information manager and communications program
The Microsoft Office presentation graphics program
The Microsoft Office project management program
The Microsoft Office business publishing and marketing materials program
The Microsoft Office SharePoint Web application builder which has replace Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft Office diagramming and information visualization solution
The Microsoft document authoring program

MICROSOFT SERVER SOFTWARE - Some of the many many Microsoft Server Software products we install and support include:

Microsoft Small Business Server - brings the power of a complete network solution to small businesses.

Microsoft Standard and Enterprise Server
- These
provide the server platform for all Microsoft server systems.

Microsoft Exchange Server - The new version of Exchange Server delivers built-in features including unified messaging, data replication and advanced management tools to help meet today’s business and IT challenges.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight.

Microsoft SQL Server - Data Management and Analysis Solution for Your Enterprise

Microsoft Terminal Server - provides options for application deployment, more efficient access to data over low bandwidth, reuse of older hardware, remote management, and other tasks.

ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE - may include such products as:

Symantec Antivirus and Anti-Spam, RightFax Enterprise Faxing, Arial Bulk E-mailing, Veritas Backup Exec, Blackberry, Good Technology, NSI Autostore for Document Transfer, MEA Mapping, Avocent KVM Remote Desktop Management, ACT! Customer Management, PayChex Payroll System, Quickbooks, Fixed Asset Software, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk, Scansoft, Omnipage, Paperport, Timberline Office Products, BuilderMT, Punchlist Manager, Tenant Pro ....among others

Software Licensing And Auditing

There are a variety of different types of software licenses. Some are based on the number of machines on which the licensed program can run whereas others are based on the number of users that can use the program. Most personal computer software licenses allow you to run the program on only one machine and to make copies of the software only for backup purposes. Some licenses also allow you to run the program on different computers as long as you don't use the copies simultaneously.

Software licensing can be a very confusing part of your corporate network. We manage and document your software to ensure your organization is license compliant.

Hardware Support 

For hardware solutions, some of our recommendations include:

PCs - HP/Compaq and Dell
Portable PCs - Toshiba, Compaq or HP
Servers - HP/Compaq and Dell
Switches - HP/Compaq and Cisco
UPS - APC for power backup systems
Firewall Appliances - Watchguard
PDAs - Treo and Blackberry for Phone and remote e-mail access

Networking Support 


As a Microsoft Service provider, our local area networks are based on Microsoft's client server technology.


Solutions for accessing their central information systems from remote locations -  from large offices to branch offices or to individuals working out of their vehicles with high speed wireless links in their portable PCs. Wide area networks must be readily available, fast and secure.

Security Services

Security software, updates and patches.

Antivirus - addressing the  growth of malicious programs which  has steadily increased from annoyance to a major security threat.

Cryptography -  cryptographic science  deals with the means, methods, and apparatus of converting plain text messages into secret messages and back again.

Firewalls - a single point between two or more networks where all traffic must pass (choke point); traffic can be controlled by and may be authenticated through the firewall,, and all traffic is logged.

PC Firewalls -
software programs designed to protect an individual host computer while connected to the Internet.

lPsec -   a developing architecture that has the goal to provide interoperable, cryptographically-based security services for IP layer environments.

lntrusion Detection - collects information from a variety of vantage points within computer systems and networks and analyzes this information for symptoms of security breaches.

Secure Internet Filtering - monitors use of the web and corporate e-mail -  helps curb abuse and manage the necessary use of the Internet by employees .

SSL-TLS - Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and its offspring Transport Layer Security (TLS), are the most widely deployed security protocols. Originally designed as a way to secure browsing of the Web, SSL-TLS implementations are now used in VPNs, Business Transaction Servers, Application Servers, as well as other core business functions.

WLAN - The Wireless Local Area Network is one of the fastest growing network environments. The benefits of mobility for the enterprise are fueling the tremendous growth. Your WLAN's security must be sound so it does not undermine the benefits of the mobility it provides.

Remote Support Services

Approximately 75% of all technical support requests can be resolved using remote support service. "Virtual techs" facilitate resolutions by allowing both parties to see the same screen without travel time involved which aids in scheduling, reduces the need for on site techs.

 Telephone support for hardware and software problems
often is sufficient and is used wherever possible and desired.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Replacement of individual systems to avoid costly failures

Storage of  regular system backups offsite

Redundant offsite operation that can take over all systems on a moment's notice.  ( Some companies survived the 9/11 catastrophe because of their redundant backup systems.)

Training & Software Support 

Training or assistance for individuals or as group experiences.

Internet Web Sites

Web presence,  web-based data services, interactive sites enabling on-line business transactions or other interaction with customers and clients, analytical tools to assess use, etc